How We Work

Creative CFO comprise specialised teams that provide a suite of business management services to SMEs experiencing or planning for high growth. We offer project and monthly retainer-based engagements within three main service pillars: Financial Systems Business Management and Investment. In our experience the key ingredients to a successful-working relationship are:

Effective and timely two-way communication

Continuous collaboration and innovation

Receptivity to best practices

Openness to utilising technology

Fostering shared values

Financial Systems

By walking through all aspects of the financial processes of a business and solving problems along the way, we have developed a full-service solution that provides a solid foundation for SME growth. This is a core pillar of our platform as it allows us to build the software and human systems that produce timely and accurate data that support the efficient running and scaling of businesses.

We use and develop the world's best financial tools and services that enable businesses to plan, structure, invest and grow.

This is a core pillar of our platform as it allows us to build the software and human systems, in tandem, to produce timely and accurate data.

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Business Management

We specialise in building and operating the best finance team for high growth SMEs operating in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States. We run your whole finance function or plug into your existing team, ensuring you receive optimised compliance and business management to finally aid in. We have an inclusive mentality

to build the world's best finance team by applying empathy and effort to solve the challenges businesses face. We manage risk to deliver growth and create strategic partnerships within the SME community to connect and enable business growth.

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Investment Advisory

Our Investment Team aims to create a more financially inclusive world, where SME’s have access to high-quality investment advisory services. We believe that access to tailor-made investment services at the right time in an SME’s growth journey is one of the ways we can create a world where more SME’s succeed.

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